Four very different bands, two very different shows.

The Hand

Alan Sparhawk from Low played bass in the opener, The Hand. Coincidentally, The Hand is led by the guy that used to play bass in Low. It’s the first time I’ve seen Alan perform since his wife and bandmate Mimi Parker passed away in November 2022. RIP Mimi Parker.

Low on Bandcamp

The Hand on Bandcamp


I’m ashamed to say that Unwound is a band that is pretty new to me. I discovered them while I was reading about “the great indie bands of the Pacific Northwest”. I listened to Leaves Turn Inside You and can’t believe I’ve never heard of that record. It’s automatically an S-Tier alum for me – stunningly beautiful.

By way of some miracle it turns out that Numero Group just reissued all of their records and Unwound had a reunion tour coming up that coincided with the Numero Twenty festival in Los Angeles.

Primitive Man + Full of Hell

I was excited for this show since Primitive Man and Full of Hell just put out a remarkable joint effort.

Primitive Man

Primitive Man is unrelentingly heavy. Listening to them feels like crawling through a cave that’s slowly filling with water

Full of Hell

Some bands are aptly named, Full of Hell is one of those bands.